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[texts]Asa Willcox's book of figures, 1793; multigraphed from a manuscript in the possession of the Newberry library.
Based on an original manuscript published in 1793 and located in Chicago's Newberry Library, the editor of this modern version notes that the "spelling, capitalization, punctuation and underlining of the original have been scrupulosly followed, occasionally at the expense of clearness" (pg. ii). The manuscript contains one- or two-sentence descriptions of figures for thirty-eight country dances (dances that consisted of a series of figures and danced by a column of men facing a column of women).
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Downloads: 306
[texts]Assistant for A. Dodworth's pupils.
This small, pocketsize manual was intended for the students of well-known New York dancing master and composer Allen Dodworth. The manual states the rules for classes, gives Dodworth's qualifications as a teacher, and describes appropriate manners and etiquette. Dances include the quadrille and the popular parlor game known as the German as well as a section on how to dance the "Boston," a waltz variation...
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Downloads: 256
[texts]Arte de danzar a la francesa, adornado con quarenta figuras, que enseñan el modo de hacer todos los diferentes passos de la danza del minuete, con todas sus reglas, y de conducir los brazos en cada passo: y en quatro figuras, el modo de danzar los
Published in 1758 by engraver, writer, and translator Minguet é Irol, this manual incorporates sections of Raoul-Feuillet's Choreographie (Paris, 1700) and Pierre Rameau's Le Maître de danser (Paris, 1725), although neither author is credited. Part one describes feet positions, the manner of managing one's hat, and provides a large vocabulary of steps used in eighteenth-century dance technique. Part two includes dances by Feuillet and French dancer and choreographer, Guillaume-Louis Pecour...
Keywords: Authors: :; Titles: A
Downloads: 181
[texts]Assistant for A. Dodworth's pupils.
This small, pocketsize manual was intended for the students of well-known New York dancing master and composer Allen Dodworth. The manual states the rules for classes, gives Dodworth's qualifications as a teacher, and covers manners and etiquette. This edition expands on the 1873 edition by providing more information on the waltz and the cotillon or German, for which eighty-nine figures are presented.
Keywords: Authors: :; Titles: A
Downloads: 289
[texts]A Solemn warning to dancers.
New York : N. Bangs and J. Emory for the Tract Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church, [between 1824 and 1832]
Keywords: Authors: :; Titles: A
Downloads: 280
[texts]An account of the trial of social dance.
The author of this work claims to be pastor of the Reformed Churches of Marbletown and North Marbletown as well as a lawyer. In this manual, Davis takes a novel approach in preaching his antidance position, which he calls "The Trial of Social Dance ... The only King and Potentate, Jesus Christ vs. Social Dance." The jury for this "trial" is composed of "The Public Conscience." "Witnesses" include Mr...
Keywords: Authors: :; Titles: A
Downloads: 1,080 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[texts]A treatise on the use and peculiar advantages of dancing and exercises, considered as a means of refinement and physical development ... - Francis Mason.
In this book dancing master Mason attempts to make a case for the advantages of dancing and traces the development of dance from ancient times. As part of his argument, Mason often distinguishes between the dance of civilized and uncivilized peoples. His bias is clear in the following: "Man in a civilized state generally turns the feet outwards, as in an uncivilized state they are invariably turned inwards" (p...
Keywords: Authors: F: Francis Mason; Titles: A
Downloads: 93
[texts]An essay for the further improvement of dancing; being a collection of figure dances, of several numbers, compos'd by the most eminent masters; describ'd in characters after the newest manner of Monsieur Feuillet. By E. Pemberton. To which is added, three - Mr. Pecour ...
London, J. Walsh [etc.] 1711.
Keywords: Authors: M: Mr. Pecour ; Titles: A
Downloads: 143
[texts]An analysis of country dancing: wherein are displayed all the figures ever used in country dances, in a way so easy and familiar, that persons of the meanest capacity may in a short time acquire (without the aid of a master) a complete knowledge of that r - J. Berryman.
This is the first of several books published by Wilson on the subject of English country dancing. Performed as a series of figures by a column of men facing a column of women, the English country dance was one of the most popular early nineteenth-century ballroom dances. Although the manual has a section on ballroom etiquette, it is most useful for its text, tables, and color-coded diagrams, which explain the figures...
Keywords: Authors: J: J. Berryman; Titles: A
Downloads: 148
[texts]A treatise on the theory and practice of dancing, with an appropriate poem, in two cantos, and plates illustrative of the art. - James P. Cassidy ...
The first section of this manual is devoted to a history of dance with emphasis on Greek and Roman practices. However, much of this section is borrowed liberally from the writings of late eighteenth-century authors, and, while it illuminates the importance of Greek and Roman influence on the arts of the era, modern dance scholars will find many interpretive and factual errors. Book two is a discourse on what Cassidy considers the practical aspects of dance: steps, music, and deportment...
Keywords: Authors: J: James P. Cassidy ; Titles: A
Downloads: 341
[texts]A study in modern dance positions, - G. Hepburn Wilson ...
This short manual consists of a series of photographs and accompanying text that show the correct positions for dance, for example the placement of the lady's left hand upon the gentleman's right shoulder in waltzing. Several of the photographs also show the incorrect way of holding one's partner.
Keywords: Authors: G: G. Hepburn Wilson ; Titles: A
Downloads: 1,077
[texts]An analysis of country dancing, wherein all the figures used in that polite amusement are rendered familiar by engraved lines. Containing also, directions for composing almost any number of figures to one tune, with some entire new reels; together with th - T. Wilson ...
Designed for "those who possess no knowledge whatsoever of country-dancing," the manual uses text, tables, and color-coded diagrams to explain the figures for English country dances. Performed as a series of figures by a column of men facing a column of women, the English country dance was one of the most popular early nineteenth-century ballroom dances. Originally published in 1808, the namual was reissued in 1822, and another version appeared in 1815 under the title The complete system of Engl...
Keywords: Authors: T: T. Wilson ; Titles: A
Downloads: 152
[texts]A treatise on the art of dancing. - Giovanni Andrea Gallini.
Originally published in 1762 and reissued in 1765, this work borrows heavily from previously published materials, including the works of Locke, Goldini, and especially John Weaver's 1712 An Essay towards a history of dancing. Gallini (1728-1805) presents a history of dance, arguments for learning the art of dance, and a discourse on the minuet. Especialy interesting are Gallini's comments on European and non-European dance and discussion includes practices in Britain, Spain, Naples, the peasants...
Keywords: Authors: G: Giovanni Andrea Gallini; Titles: A
Downloads: 510
[texts]A complete practical guide to the art of dancing. Containing descriptions of all fashionable and approved dances, full directions for calling the figures, the amount of music required; hints on etiquette, the toilet, etc. - Thomas Hillgrove ...
New York dancing master Hillgrove acknowledges that he has "availed himself of all the books from which he might elicit any valuable information." Indeed, very little of the manual is original. Divided into six parts, Hillgrove discusses the benefits of dance, dress, deportment and etiquette in the ballroom and the supper room. The second part focuses on bows and courtesies, positions of the feet, and provides exercises for the feet and legs...
Keywords: Authors: T: Thomas Hillgrove ; Titles: A
Downloads: 680
[texts]A discourse on dancing, delivered in the Central Presbyterian church, Cincinnati. - N. L. Rice.
This book is typical of mid-nineteenth century antidance works. While many writers noted that the Bible contains numerous references to dance, Rice (1807-1877) points out that, in a biblical context, dance was utilized as a part of worship, performed exclusively by women dancing with each other. (The dangers of contact between the sexes while dancing were a common theme in antidance literature.) The second point, also common in antidance books, centered on the notion that dancing was bad for the...
Keywords: Authors: N: N. L. Rice; Titles: A
Downloads: 266
[texts]A cotilion [!] - W. H. Kingsbury.
This is a charming example of late-eighteenth-century caricature. Although the specific personalities and dances cannot be pinpointed, this collection of ten couples, dressed in ball dress and displaying exaggerated dance poses, is an excellent sample of an art form that flourished in England during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.
Keywords: Authors: W: W. H. Kingsbury; Titles: A
Downloads: 178
[texts]An essay on dancing / - J. Townley Crane.
New York : Nelson & Phillips, [1849]
Keywords: Authors: J: J. Townley Crane; Titles: A
Downloads: 93
[texts]A full description of modern dances. - C. H. Rivers.
Unlike earlier manuals that contained detailed information on etiquette, this manual reflects the trend of late nineteenth-century manuals to shorten or eliminate such information. This manual contains only one-third of a page of etiquette. Dances described include the waltz (with reversing steps), polka, schottisch, polka redowa, polka mazurka, galop, quadrilles, contra dances ("Scilian Circle," "Spanish Dance" and "Rustic Reel")...
Keywords: Authors: C: C. H. Rivers; Titles: A
Downloads: 435
[texts]American dancing master, and ball-room prompter : containing about five hundred dances ... - Elias Howe ...
This is one of several manuals credited to the well-known American inventor, Elias Howe. Like many nineteenth-century dance manuals, it is a compilation of other sources and assembled by a publisher. The book begins with a brief etiqutte of the ballroom and continues with information on th supper room and how to arrange balls. The work also discusses many popular group dances including the quadrille, country dance, and German or parlor cotillon as well as round dances--polka, schottisch, esmeral...
Keywords: Authors: E: Elias Howe ; Titles: A
Downloads: 656
[texts]A translation of nine of the most fashionable quadrilles, consisting of fifty French country dances, as performed in England and Scotland. With explanatory notes. To which are prefixed, a few observations on the style, &c. of the quadrille, the English co - Barclay Dun ...
The three chapters that make up this manual are devoted to the merits and performance of the French quadrille, a popular ballroom dance performed by four couples who face each other in a square. In recognizing the existence of specific steps appropriate for quadrilles, Dun warns against performing steps used in English country dances or Scotch reels. The manual concludes with the figures for six quadrilles.
Keywords: Authors: B: Barclay Dun ; Titles: A
Downloads: 379
[texts]A history of dancing. - Reginald St. Johnston ...
Saint Johnston claims to be filling a gap in the tracing of dance history and confesses he knows of only three books on the subject, those by Gaston Vuillier, Edward Scott, and John Weaver. The work contains much of the sme information found in numerous other historiographies of the era. The author considers the birth of stage dancing to be the Kate Vaughan's "Skirt Dance" and other opinions expressed by Saint Johnston include the erroneous notion that the quadrille was one of the dances that di...
Keywords: Authors: R: Reginald St. Johnston ; Titles: A
Downloads: 828
[texts]A treatise on the elements of dancing. - T. Erp. Sichore [pseud.]
Many manuals compiled from previously published sources under a variety of author names were aimed at an ever-expanding group of people who could not avail themselves of a dance master. This work strives to instruct in a plain and explicit manner, making no attempts to discuss dance "technically and methodically." The manual is structured as a series of lessons. For example, lesson one of eleven on the waltz requires the reader to begin by being "seated upright in a chair." The manual also cover...
Keywords: Authors: T: T. Erp. Sichore [pseud.]; Titles: A
Downloads: 233
[texts]A collection of ball-dances perform'd at court: viz. the Richmond, the roundeau, the rigadoon, the favourite, the Spanheim, and the Britannia. All compos'd by Mr. Isaac, and writ down in characters, - John Weaver, dancing-master.
Dancer, teacher, and theoretician John Weaver (1673-1760) compiled this important collection of choreographies by Mr. Isaac. With melodies composed by James Paisible, the collection contains six ballroom dances: "The Richman," "The Rondeau," "The Rigadoon," "The Favorite," "The Spanheim," and "The Britannia." All are couple dances and are notated in a notation system first published in 1700 by dancing master Raoul-Auger Feuillet (1659 or 1660-1710)...
Keywords: Authors: J: John Weaver, dancing-master; Titles: A
Downloads: 167
[texts]Abbregé de la nouvelle methode, dans l'art d'écrire ou de traçer toutes sortes, de danses de ville ... mise au jour par le sr. Rameau ... Ouvrage très utile pour toutes personnes qui ont sçu ou qui apprennent à da - le secour de ce livre, on peut se remettre facilement dans toutes les danses que l'on à appris ...
The first part of this manual discusses performance of various steps including demi coupé, bourée, chassé, and pirouette. Through the use of text and tables, Rameau also provides discussion on an improved and simplified version of Feuillet notation, the eighteenth-century system of recording dances. The second part of the text consists of notations for twelve duets choreographed by French dancer and choreographer, Guillaume-Louis Pecour.
Keywords: Authors: L: le secour de ce livre, on peut se remettre facilement dans toutes les danses que l'on à; appris ; Titles: A
Downloads: 112
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